How Cyber Criminals Make Money And What Tricks They Use To Get Info!{2}

by Jamal A
The article I read talks about how cyber criminals make profit and how they hack into computer systems. We hear pretty much every week that there is a big security breach where tons of personal information is stolen.  We have been hearing that for years, but what we don’t know is that, behind these attacks there are some really high organized criminal enterprises.  Personal information is the currency for the cyber criminals. It’s literally what cybercriminals trade in. Hackers who obtain this data can sell it to a variety of buyers, including identity thieves, organized crime rings, spammers and botnet operators, who use the data to make even more money.  In reality, some attacks are targeted towards a particular businesses or organization for the purpose of stealing some sensitive information or large amount of money. But most victims are chosen randomly. Smaller businesses, for instance, might not feel the need to spend time and money fully securing their network since they’re small and not vulnerable because they think who would want to target us.

There are several attacks that cyber criminals or hackers use to steal sensitive information. For example, installing fake look-a-like antivirus software on PCs that fools users into thinking they have viruses and asking for payment to remove them; often called scare ware (even Apple is not immune to this one). Another example would be, installing key loggers on PCs to capture usernames and passwords for websites. These sites may include banks or online gambling sites where they could transfer money out of and email accounts or social networks to help spread malicious links or programs.

I think this article relates to class because it covers some important aspects of computer security as well as website security. I guess since we are learning how to build a website, we also need to know what security issues we may have. However, I believe the only way we can defense against phishing attacks, known as spear fishing, is by continually educating ourselves. Furthermore, as an IT student we need to educate ourselves to recognize these attacks and take the appropriate steps before it’s too late. In my opinion this article was really informative and I learned a lot from it.

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