How to Use Internet Correctly?{2}

by Chaoxi P
The Internet can be a wonderful resource for people. We can use it to search reports, search learning material, find job, online shopping, etc. For the Kids who are old enough to punch in a few letters on the keyboard can literally access the world. However, this access can also pose hazards, because the kids can be access to Adult Material website easily.  Besides that, child has lower alertness, they will not consider how dangerous if they share their personal information such as social security number and bank account information.

Chat rooms are also high risky place. This is virtual online rooms where chat sessions take place. They’re set up according to interest or subject, such as a favorite sport or TV show. Because people can communicate with each other alone or in a group, chat rooms are among the most popular destinations on the Web — especially for kids and teens. Therefore, chat rooms can also pose hazards for children. Some children have met “friends” in chat rooms who were interested in exploiting them.

Internet can be a wonderful learning resource for children, but also can be a dangerous place for children. Because of that, there has some protection for the children such as Internet Safety Law, and Online Protection Tool. Base on this article, we can learn more helpful method to protect our children to use internet safety. Let’s provide the healthy and intelligent life to children by the internet.

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