How to use jQuery{5}

by Antonio M
The author of this article talks about JQuery and how to use it on websites. jQuery was
first developed by John Resig and made its debut early 2006 having since gained popularity
among websites including WordPress,Mozilla, Google and Netflix. jQuery is an open source
library full of JavaScript that can be used to select elements and usethem similar to
CSS. It allows you to use JavaScript at a macro level with out having to do all the
micro-coding saving a lot of time for a web development. jQuery also provides well documented
instructions for any web developer to easily read. It even has cross-browser support and
is lightweight customizing ability giving that Web 2.0 look on your page. The author does
mention that you have to be pretty familiar with HTML and CSS and of course it is a plus
to be familiar with JavaScript. But even so jQuery libraries have most of the code ready
in JavaScript so if there is every any need to adjust it there would be minor tweaking
of the code. To learn more about jQuery the author mentions to check out

To use jQuery one of the first steps is to find the particular plug-in that you want to
use within your site. The author suggests using jQuery UI ( as a place to
start. The next thing you would do is read the documentation that is provided so you know
how exactly to implement and set it up with you HTML and CSS code. Your next step is to
either download the JavaScript you want to use from jQuery and host it on your web server
or you can reference it (recommended) to the Google AJAX Libraries API server. In order to
reference the code to the Google Library you must enter <script> src=”
/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.2/jquery.min.js”></script> in the head section of the page you are
going to be using it for. The author further goes onĀ  to talk about the many different
abilities that jQuery can do and how it is something every web developer should use if
they are thinking about redesigning there website.

I think this article compares to our class because it talks about how to use jQuery as well
as the different things that jQuery has to offer to a web developer. There are many
references and resources the author mentions that a web developer can use to help them
implement jQuery libraries into there code.

I found this article to be very informative and educational. I was never really to familiar
with jQuery nor did I know that much about it. I think anyone that wanting to be a web developer
should definitely learn about jQuery and its many power full abilities it has to offer. I encourage
my classmates to read this article because it pretty much sums everything up about jQuery.

Miller-Francisco, E. (2010). Creating dynamic websites using jquery. Computers in
Libraries, 30(6), 26-28.