HP’s new cloud computing service{Comments Off on HP’s new cloud computing service}

by Taylor G
For this weeks topic of ‘Cloud Computing’ I choose an article written on March 9th that talks about Hewlett-Packard offering a new cloud service that is supposed to compete with Amazon and Google’s Web Services.  According to the Senior Vice President and General Manager of HP’s cloud services they are trying to create a web service that has more business-oriented features.  He states that Amazon already has a service for infrastructure, so they want to build a platform layer offering many third-party services.  The first service that will be offered is structured and unstructured databases with data analytics as a service.  They aren’t trying to steal all of Amazon’s customers but they want to provide a nice alternative.  HP wants to start charging 8 cents per virtual computing hour and eventually try to bring it down to 5 cents and hour while charging more for extra features.  According to Singh, Amazon uses a self-service model and HP wants to offer more personalized sales and service.  They also want to offer tools to fit software developers so they can write code in Ruby, JAVA, and PHP.  They want to offer a store where users can rent software for use in the HP cloud.

Well I think this article really relates to the class topic of the week because we talked about cloud computing and different software languages and how to make a web application work.  We talked about TCP/IP, IP addressing system, the Domain Name System with different domain names, and different World Wide Web technologies like HTTP and HTML.  The cloud computing service talked about in the article offers services over the internet that can allow you to code an HTML website, a database, and passing information over the internet.  I don’t necessarily like the idea of having a centralized back end for multiple companies because it is going to create these huge companies and cause them to have such an advantage in the industry, when companies can and should be able to manage their own servers and infrastructure.  I think these services should be used in small to medium sized businesses until they can afford to create their own systems.


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