HTML 5, The Future of Mobile Web{2}

by Calvin M
So why doesn’t Apple allow Flash web applications on their iDevices? People say that it’s all about business. If iDevice users can’t use Flash applications, then they are forced to download all their apps from Apple’s App Store. Steve Jobs gave consumers six main reasons why him and his developers decided not to all Adobe to be a third party developer. Steve Jobs believes that having developers use HTML 5 rather than Flash, will allow more developers to use a various amount of tools, and since Apple is a member of the standards committee that controls HTML 5, this is a perfect way of popularizing the format. Also, since Apple’s mobile iDevices use touch technology, it will be difficult for users to navigate Flash web pages that rely on regular web users to roll over the menus with the cursors. Steve Jobs believes that HTML 5 will be the best format for mobile devices because it’s a standard that was created in the mobile device era.


I wanted to write about this article for 2 reasons. First, this article covers a topic that we covered in class this week, HTML. 4.0 was developed a very long time ago. In fact, it was developed in 1997. So for 13 years, people have been developing web pages according to this old standard. This could prove difficult for web developers trying to create web applications for use on mobile web devices such as on iPhones, Blackberry’s, and Droids. HTML 5 was created with mobile web devices in mind, and since it is open source, it’ll allow more developers to create different web applications, and it’ll allow these developers more freedom to create web apps the way they want to.


The second reason I wanted to blog about this article is simply to remember Steve Jobs. Jobs is definitely a visionary who was always ahead of the game. The computers that he created, peripherals, and all the iDevices he produced were always something new and different. Different electronics manufacturers always tried to recreate some of his creations, but all they become are second-rate reproductions. Steve Jobs always looked into the future, and how his products can help the world. Of course, every other mobile web device will include Adobe Flash, but Apple is the one who believes that HTML 5 can create a new standard for PC and mobile web devices alike.


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