HTML 5 transition, in progress.{1}

by Boshi W

Just read an article related to the slow transitioning to HTML 5 from many big companies like Pandora online service. Pandora claims that the transition to HTML 5 will drop the traditional Adobe Flash technology and will no longer require the use of plug ins and improve overall performance and faster user experience. A new redesigned user interface, more robust search option, and access to playback controls, one-click access to details about current track, social interaction features, are some of the enhancement from the switch over. Pandora’s switch will disappoint Adobe and will likely to end the long partnership they had but will benefit Pandora in the long run.

I think Pandora’s big step toward the future is a big leap in advancing the Web technology and many companies will observe them as an example of successful transitioning. Getting rid of the need of plug ins will benefit most mobile devices and faster user experience has always proven to be the critical structure of any successful website.

Most importantly, the transition set an milestone for other big companies to follow as HTML 5 is the way of the future. Perhaps Adobe should begin developing softwares that can help the development of HTML 5 rather than continuing to support the old technology.

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