HTML Conversion{3}

by David H
The article that I read this week is about HTML converters. The author mentions that when we got a lot of legacy documents that we want to reformat and put to the Web site, the job will be really messy and complicated.  Therefore, we need an industrial strength batch HTML converter. There are three types of converter which is Transit Central 3.0 from Info Access Inc., Island 2.05 from InTEXT Systems and Web Publisher Professional 1.1 from SkiSoft Publishing Corp. For Transit Central 3.0 what it does is to insert navigational buttons and pages breaks and we can choose from 20 pre-defined styles. In addition, HTML Transit can generate tables of contents, keyword lists, and lists of table and list of figures more easily. Moreover, Transit Central can handle graphics in source document and embed it on the Web page. For Web Publisher what it does is take large documents and break them into multiple Web pages. The program will automatically generate a table of contents and hyperlinked indexes. This is converter is very powerful for control over the conversion process. For Island InTEXT what it does is to search and retrieval chores from document database. In addition, we can move document database to the Web.

I think this article is very informative and very helpful. In class I have learned the fundamental how to write code for HTML. In this article, I have learned that these converters can help us add more features to Website. For example, if we want to cut down on file sizes and download times, we can use HTML Transit to create links to graphic. I believe these converters benefits for us if we use them to create website.



Marshall, P. (1998). HTML conversion: 3 quick and easy tools. Federal Computer Week,, 28-33.