HTML on E-commerce{3}

by Wei C

In this article, author has mentioned that HTML is widely used by the E-commerce sites. It can perform the functions such as user authentication, user registration, and searching for products and services. However, when most of the sites start using this kind of method on creating the site. The accuracy and performance of the searching system is become more important. In this case, there is a more efficient way which is automatic generation of HTML. An accuracy of 94.7 and 93.9 percent is respectively shown when using the automated classification. In addition, the author also stated that there are three stages for the system which they are using. The three stages are preprocessing, feature generating and classifying. It simply means that they have retrieved the data into a form which can be read by the computer programs. Automatically generating features will be processed in the second stage. Finally, the classifying stage will classify the HTML forms using the rules. Overall, the automated classification of forms is really an important searching application which a lot of the major websites are using it.


I think this article is really great since there is option of doing E-commerce site for the project. I do agree with the author that HTML forms are widely used on the E-commerce. Especially the searching application that are included in basically all the e-commerce website. In this case, it is really good to learn a new possibility of making it better. Automatically generating form can provide higher efficiency and performance than the traditional way.

In conclusion, this article can be useful for the people who are going for the e-commerce site because it provides the process of doing the automated generation form. All three staged might be applied to the project we are doing for the class.


Ru, Y., & Horowitz, E. (2007). Automated classification of HTML forms on e-commerce web sites. Online Information Review, 31(4), 451-451-466. doi:10.1108/14684520710780412