HTML5 and CSS3{1}

by Daniel M
The article that i read was about the use of HTML5 and CSS3 together. The first thing to note is that HTML5 will load pages much faster due to the fact that it uses webSockets. WebSockets basically will allow for more live interaction between the browser and the web page and this will allow for the real time creation of games and videos. Also like a lot of other people are talking about, HTML5 allows for mobile devices to play videos without plug-ins and without the need to write phone specific code. HTML5 builds on top of HTML4 so most of the tags are the same except for a few new ones and a few tags that got replaced. As far as CSS3 goes, it is not supported by all browsers yet but CSS3 will allow you to make changes to your website similar to what you could do using javaScript without the need for javaScript. According to the article, CSS3 will allow for such features as text shadowing, Rounded corners, this feature get rid of those sharp corners without using images. You can also do multiple backgrounds overlaid over each other. You can now add new fonts if you want. CSS3 also allows you to submenus upon hovering, horizontal menus, menus with rounded edges, submenus with tabs, submenus with descriptions. CSS3 with HTML5 seems to allow an almost infinite amount of options.

I found this article interesting because it shows how two new technologies work together to allow for web design and programming to work more easily together with better results. With all the hype of HTML5 i think as CIS students we need to know all of the languages that work with HTML5 and how they make it better and easier to use. HTML5 and CSS3 will give you much more power to design websites and have many more features on the website than before. This article was interesting to me because i wrote an article about HTML5 last week and had no idea that CSS3 was around and how it worked with HTML5.


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