HTML5 Bring In The Animation

by Salvador A
With upcoming HTML5 animators will no longer have to rely on Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver to create animations and give the user an interactive experience on the web. Early on there was no tool in  place to help create these animations using HTML5 but Tumult’s Hype has now solved that problem. Hype allows those with no programming experience to create interactive webpages and animations with simple mouse clicks. This allows users to have all the latest in HTML and CSS without worrying about destroying the underlining code since Hype will automatically adjust the background code for it to work. Hype also allows previewing sites in multiple browsers, and it integrates JavaScript with a few mouse clicks. The Animation has two methods, using a Record option, which allows you to modify an object and then Hype will do the rest and render all transitions needed for this to work, or Manually. Exporting is made even simpler since all code files are stored in folders. The one down side to this it is  a Mac only tool.

Well I did not know that there were already animation editors for HTML5 but I am glad there is now. Animation is one of those things that everyone wants to do but often get deterred from doing it after they realize it is a lot of work. I have worked on a video game for a previous class and I can say if you do not have a tool helping you out with animation, it can take hours of guess work to get it just right. I would have really enjoyed something like this, being able to just place down a shape and have it (the software) render everything else i needed to make the transition. The thing that Hype  stresses is it’s ease of use. No coding is required and so it opens up an entirely new audience for the software’s user base. Anybody can just pick this up and start making their own animations and soon enough we will have a web that is no longer static and boring, but fun and entertaining. Stating this again, Mac only….it’s one downside.


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