Huddle inc. prediction engine{2}

by Daniel M
The article that I read was about a company called huddle inc. Huddle is a cloud based collaborative software that allows for enterprises to to share files with its developers similar to a drop box system. While a traditional drop box is ok for normal people to use their are some issues with people not being able to access the files outside of the companies systems and if the employees are able to access the files remotely their is security issues. Huddle inc. Says that they have come up with a solution to this problem. Huddle is rolling out a system they call huddle sync. Huddle sync is a allows the enterprise to upload the files onto their servers and Huddle secures the files. They then give access to the employees that need access to the files. I know this sounds like every other cloud storage system that is but huddle sync actually has a prediction engine that predicts what files the user will most likely use and makes it accessible to them. Huddle Sync’s algorithms learn from how workers use Huddle, not only individually but also across the workgroup and the wider user base. The system will actually take individual as well as group patterns and predict what files they will need. The platform also manages version conflicts, caused when a user modifies a file when offline and someone else makes another change to the same file during that time. The reasoning behind this is that it reduces the file downloads as well as it increases the speed at which the files can be downloaded. Transmissions to and from Huddle are encrypted at 256-bit SSL. Lastly the platform also has an iPhone app that will allow the user to see and manage the files from their phone.

I found this interesting because large companies need to be able to not only secure their files but they also need to give access to their employees. Huddle takes care of all the problems that an enterprise would have with this and makes it more user friendly for the employee. As future IT professionals we need to know what problems a company might have with file sharing and what the best solution to fix this problem is. I think its a cool idea because it would make working in groups that may not be in the same building let alone the same state even easier.After doing some research on Huddle, they already have mope than 100,000 companies already using their system. I will be curious as to how well adopted Huddle sync is once it is rolled out. This article relates to this class because it shows different how a SAAS company can come up with a new idea off of something that is already being used.

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