Hyper-Consumerism at its finest{Comments Off on Hyper-Consumerism at its finest}

by Andrew N


Hyper-consumerism at its finest

A couple of months ago, Apple had released their iPhone 4S which didn’t have much of a change to it, but the new added Siri application. This was all they had to bank on due to pretty much keeping the same phone. It was a hit even from all the disappointment that came along with the phone. Apple has had quite the bit of luck with the marketing bug and has been able grab the attention of all people. On the other end of the spectrum, Microsoft has had this technology of the so called “Siri” for over a year. They had release the application back in April of 2009 but received minimal attention for it just because of marketing measures. Microsoft was not surprised and did not think of Apple as any competition when Siri was released.It wasn’t a completely new idea at all but Apple did a good job of marketing it and in addition to their fan base already it hit home for them.

I feel as if Microsoft is the underdog in the technology world only because there are so many Apple “fan boys” out there. In reality, Apple is stealing the spotlight from Microsoft along with all its consumers. I feel that Apple has made their product so simple and user friendly that there is little room for manipulation and modification. This is where Microsoft has the upper hand to all the real technology nerds. As a consumer and technology enthusiast, we like to tinker with the toys we have. Apple is also very closed knit with company secrets and product development as to Microsoft’s collaboration with Open-source. In a battle between Apple and Microsoft, Apple would win the popularity contest and Microsoft will win the practical one.

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