Imagine Cup 2010

by Quoc L
Imagine Cup is an international annual Microsoft competition, were competitor have to solve that years’ challenge  using only Microsoft’s products. The given task in the Imagine Cup 2010 was ‘Applications to the world’. Out of all the competitor, six team have made it to final with some extremely innovating technology. Finland, create a  program call SignBook, which teach people how to talk in sign. New Zealand create a new way for data to be transfer for underdeveloped country. “OneBeep” enable anything type of data(texts, images, applications) to be broadcast over FM or Am transmission. This prototype have a effective data loss of 25% and speed of only 1.5 Kbps. Malaysia create a app that let family member plan and create a meal using each member profiles. Serbia create a program for impaired to communicate. Singapore create a system where teacher can send a text message and receive a text back from the online community. Lastly Thailand created a sign language translator in real time using a animated avatar.

I’m sharing this because it interest to learn the different type of usage .NET can have on the world. We are only learn a small factor of what these software/codes can do. By heard about this competition around the world it can help motivate us to create a even better system. Creating fun and exciting product can help generate a newer generation of programmer.

Imagine cup is important to our class because it showcase the power of .Net framework that Microsoft have created. If student and other young adult could create a new way for data to be transmit, image the usage it can bring to a corporation using this framework.

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  1. 1.5Kbps is pretty slow! And data loss of 25% is too high, but it’s enough for sending text messages, I suppose. I hope more creative uses are thought up for the .net framework.

  2. The article that you read about microsft was interesting because of the things that can be done with .NET. I dont know if it is for sure .Net or just programs in specific because you didnt clarify but that is what i suspect becasue that is what we learned in class. The way that so much can be done with a program that contains alot is impressive.

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