Importance of Domain Names{Comments Off on Importance of Domain Names}

by Calvin M

How People are Influence to Visit Websites

Website domain names are just like a company’s brand. Just
like in reality, websites get more traffic through brand familiarity. Sometimes
to create a memorable domain name, you need to create your own words or
phrases. There are a few rules to remember while making a brandable domain
name. Pronunciation, Length, Meaning, Appeal, and Descriptors are all important
things to remember while creating a brandable domain name. Your domain name
should be easy to pronounce, not too long, associate with your audience, have
resell value, and be easy to describe using keywords. Having detractors such as
having 2 letters in the name or intentionally misspelling words may make your
domain name less memorable. Having a memorable domain name will allow for more
traffic and more business.

In class, we discussed the importance of domain names, and
how businesses use them. I became intrigued about how businesses came up with
their domain names, so I decided to read an article about them. I find it
interesting how important it is to come up with a brandable domain name. After
reading this article, I can see why a few websites that I frequently visit
chose their domain names. It is very important to create a domain name for a
business that will attract more customers because the domain name is the first
thing a person sees when they find links on different search providers.

The picture I included with this post shows a graph about
the reason why people visit websites. It’s amazing to see that 46% of the
people visit websites due to brand familiarity than any other type of
influence. That’s why this article focuses so much on having a brandable domain
name. I do think this data is a little skewed because I feel that the reason
why a website brand is so familiar is because of different forms of media
listed in this graph. These brands would not have gotten so familiar without
the help of word-of-mouth, tv, internet advertising, or social media.

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with Picture)

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