Visual Studio 11 advancements{Comments Off on Visual Studio 11 advancements}

by Carlos R
The article I selected to discuss about this week regards the advancements and improvements of Visual Studio 11 that was unveiled to developers back in September at the BUILD conference.  One of the main points that the author argues is that JavaScript is now a first-class language for building Windows and Web applications. There is also a new integrated debugging window for interacting with the HTML or JavaScript application as it is being debugged. Another area of improvement is C++ support. They have improved IDE support and the building for fully-native Windows Metro style applications. He also goes into detail about being able to add parallel accelerators into C++ projects that allows developers to create complex tasks with ease. I also spoke last week about the new language F# that was introduced, and here in this article, they mention how they’re continuing that language and adding much more support. There’s an interactive windows that allows you to write code, and they say they added a Type Provider mechanism that can ease data access when using F#.

With Visual Studio 11, I feel that a lot of advancements are coming our way. It’s good that we are learning about it right now, so it might be easier for us to transition into the new version with more familiarity if any of us ever keep working with Visual Studio. I enjoy that there is going to be a lot of support for Metro style applications, because that’s what Windows 8 will be all about, and it is a good way for developers to try it out and see if Metro really is the future of Windows.

I really like Visual Studio for the fact that a lot of things are automatized. Creating a lot of the functionalities with Visual basic is as easy as dragging and dropping, and I find these features really useful. I hope that I can continue working with Visual Studio in the future and practice with it to improve my skills at coding.


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