Improvements in Visual Studio{Comments Off on Improvements in Visual Studio}

by Ivan C

Visual Studio has improved throughout the years it has been in use. The interest of people using Visual Studio has made them demand more and ask for improvements. The new 2010 version of Visual Studio uses Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) which adds many improvements (Cogswell). A couple features in the newer version include the zoom feature and the ability to find every occurrence of a specific variable by highlighting every instance of it. ASP.NET has also seen many improvements. “In the past, if an ASP.NET server was sitting idle, it would take quite awhile to wake up after the first request (Cogswell).” By using Windows Server 2008 R2 with Internet Information Services ASP.NET can preload Web applications. ASP.NET has also seen enhancements in its CSS, the way it permanently redirects pages, and additional controls to maintain view states. With an improved debugger breakpoints can easily be controlled by labeling and importing or exporting them (Cogswell).  Also, with Visual Studio, the debugger can be used on parallel applications.

Overall this article provided me with new information about Visual Studio. It explained the improvements that have been done compared to previous versions. After reading this article I may be able to use some of the features for project 3. It is interesting to read that changes made on the software were made to improve the user’s ability to work efficiently with great quality.


Cogswell, Jeff. “Visual Studio 2010 makes solid progress.” Business Abstracts with Full Text (2010).