Improving financial applications with HTML5{1}

by Giselle N
The article I read this week was about the advancement of banking applications with the use of HTML 5. Since millions of banking transactions are done everyday through the web, it’s not hard to see why businesses in financial services are looking forward to what may improved with HTML5. The authors go on to talk about a couple new features of HTML5 that will help improve online user banking services; Geo Location, Web Sockets and Server Push, Offline Storage, and Audio, Video and Animation. With Geo Location, HTML5 application will support GPS in the browser, without any use of plug-ins. This will help the user know the location of the nearest banks or financial service company without them having to input any information. This will also help call centers of banking institutions know exactly where the user is logged in helping them get information quicker or possibly avoid fraud. Next, the authors talk about pushing information to users, without them having to request it. Web sockets in HTML 5 will allow the server to push information to users using the application such as payment processing, trader/market news, credit score computations, etc…This will also help companies save on licensing fees on products that do the same by switching over to HTML5, which is free. Offline storage will help users work on web applications offline and save their actions on their device and then when connected online, be able to sync the data stored previously with the remote server. “Traders on the move, insurance agents traveling to client locations, mobile wealth managers, banking and trading salesmen, risk managers, and so on, could now use a seamless transition between online and offline states for extreme productivity and significant cost benefits.” Lastly, the authors talk about how HTML5 will improve the accessibility of banking applications by allowing voice activated features, product demos, and campaign management, without the use of plug-ins.


I found this article informative seeing as how I regularly use online banking applications. Although, I probably will not take full advantage of the new HTML5 features that financial service industries can potentially use like traders, insurance agents, salesmen, etc… will, it will still help usability even if its just saving a couple of seconds or mouse clicks. However these new features will not only be taken advantage of by the banking industry, but I’m sure other businesses will be looking forward to HTML5 to improve the user experience online.


Prabhala, S., & Punjabi, M. K. (2012). Propelling next generation banking applications

with HTML 5. Global Finance, 26(3), 20-21.