In browser Javascript{Comments Off on In browser Javascript}

by Chris S
Javascript applications that work within the browser are becoming more and more popular. These applications are executed within the browser and only talk t the server when necessary. This is turning servers into a storage like facility that stores and receives information based on the browser application. A prime example is Google Maps. With this trend comes lots of toolkits available to developers as well. The Model-View-Controller framework on the server side is something new and gaining popularity.Recalling what MVC is, it has three parts, the model which is the interface for the data, view, which displays the data to the user, and the controller, which directs user requests and displays results in the view. Using MVC on both the server side and in the browser is doing two different types of work, submitting information through the website and then collecting and submitting that information to the server. This allows you to split the work as well as organize the code.

I did some research on Node.js last week which is new application that utilizes javascript on the server-side. This article explains how the scripting language is used on websites to handle the server side of information transfer. I found a lot of toolkits available for developers to create their own applications that can do almost anything, its just different seeing a scripting language handle server executions.The MVC has been around for quite sometime but only recently is it being used for the server-side of web development.

Source: Reuven M. Lerner August 31, 2011