In-House Mobile Development Experts

by Richard H
Mutual Mobile COO, Tarun Nimmagadda, describes advantages of mobile development and gives pointers on what to look for when developing a in-house mobile development team. He claims that mobile development is very cost efficient for smaller companies and that it is no longer viewed as “supplements to existing web efforts,” but are now viewed as  a “core strategy.” Companies no longer have to follow the traditional model of building websites for desktop browsers and then adapting them to mobile platforms. Instead, many companies are now building websites and applications exclusively for mobile platforms. Nimmagadda advises companies that want in-house development teams to hire a mobile designer and software engineer together, and insure good compatibility between the two. He also insists that the engineer have cross-platform experience as languages for each mobile platform does vary, but he also insists to start the project on a single platform.

Although I think that the points made in the article aren’t anything new to anyone who has paid the minimal amount of attention to mobile applications, I’d like to high the importance of the compatibility between designer and software engineer as well as design and function. People are no longer searching for the product richest in function. Usability due to simplified design seems to be a strong selling point for most consumers. This may be attributed to the wide-spread of technology to those who aren’t super “tech-savvy’.” Tech heavy gadgets are no longer just for engineers and working professionals, but now grandma and baby sue both have i-Phones and they aren’t looking for a million functions with the accessibility of ms-dos command lines.

With desktop websites and applications, design (although still very important) is not as important , just because of the amount of space a desktop browser allows. Also, a desktop user can still navigate a web page easily because mouse and keyboard seem to provide a very efficient way to interact with the web. Design is just so important for mobile platforms because touch screen/keyboard and a tiny monitor is (to me) a very inefficient way to use software.

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  1. Well I do like how they encourage having a mobile team work together with a regular team to set up an application for both platforms. Also starting a project on a single platform is always the best way to go about things, it’s better to know what you can and cannot do before starting on something that might not be doable for one or the other platform.

  2. yes this does make alot of sense to start thinks off on an even footing, and to ensure that your team works well together. but it does seem that everything is flowing in that direction where we rely on mobile everything to get by it does seem that we will still heavily rely on mobile no matter how inconvenient because we do not like to be chained to a desk, and like the ability to do whatever we want because we feel as though we are entitled. i do see a heavily mobile future, thats why they made the ipad

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