Increased Mobile Shopping{Comments Off on Increased Mobile Shopping}

by Luis F

The article was about the amount of mobile traffic that accumulated over the two day period of Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  It states that traffic increased by “60% from the same period last year”.  Then the data was broken down to reveal the percentage of traffic from different smart phone devices.  Devices using “iOS accounted for 42%, Android 34%, Blackberry 15%, and Windows and Nokia each made up less than 3%”.  Then the article discusses the different types of usage pertaining to the day, for instance on Thanksgiving the phones were primarily used to find “product information and sales information”, while on Black Friday the devices were used to “find store locations, browse reviews, and access previously saved wish lists”.  After analyzing all the traffic figures the author suggests that for next year companies also provide as many apps for Android devices as they do for iOS supported devices.

Based on the article it shows that more and more people are using mobile devices for shopping purposes.  This shows that web developers need to focus on providing suitable web experiences for mobile devices, as well as having secured networks to account for the amount of traffic over that two day period.

This also shows that app developers need to pay attention to the numbers and create apps for the Android devices as well as for Apple devices.  This should also lead to more competition between businesses, because the ones that provide apps for both devices has the ability to reach more customers than a business that only provides apps for one.

Constine, Josh (2011, November 26).  Thanksgiving + Black Friday Mobile Traffic Up 60% from 2010. Retrieved from

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