Insightful Web Intelligence ins and outs article{2}

by Bernard T
The article I read had to do with Web Intelligence or WI, which is an the ability of the internet to do various web analytic tasks for the purposes of gathering information for many web bases applications. Web Intelligence takes advantage of Artificial intelligence(AI) to do many analytic tasks from examining how websites are visited to business intelligence over the web. It mentioned many applications of WI and describes very thoroughly what it takes to achieve WI. According to the article the advent of WI was brought on by the convergence of technologies such as AI, the Web, information systems and telecommunications. Grid computing or GC for short, was also discussed because of how WI is playing an important role it its development. It then goes into detail on how GC is the backbone of all virtual development that is possible on the web today and ties together the two topics quite nicely.

As I mentioned above, the article did a thorough job of describing what goes into WI, this included but was not limited to how WI is, as the article put it, “the new direction for scientific research and development that explores the fundamental roles as well as practical impacts of artificial intelligence and advance information technology on the next generation of web empowered products, systems, services and activities.” The definitions mentioned in the article was in my opinion very insightful because it used the most appropriate words to put into context the technologies it was describing. The terms the author used was really to the point and could not have been said any better, I would suggest that my classmates check this article out. It is only 3 pages so it should not discourage anyone from reading the entire thing because it is very insightful. Some of the other topics that the author also covered was the limitations being faced by WI because of the fact that its components relies on parallel computing, among other things, that is often prone to malicious attacks, manipulation of information and viruses. Along with this the author offered some solutions and alternatives that should elevate some of the problems WI faces. After reading the article I now know that WI and other technologies like it on the web is the future and its only going to get better but I guess thats all in how one see’s what better is.


Salem, A. -. M. (2011). Web intelligence: A new paradigm for virtual communities and web science . Manuscript submitted for publication, , Ain Shams Univ, Cairo, Egypt.