Internet Abuse In the Workplace{8}

by Ivan C
With advances in websites and the services they provide internet abuse in the workplace has increased. There are three categories in which internet abuse can fall under. These include interactive cyberloafing, browsing work related content, and browsing non work related e-mail (Griffiths). Although there are three different categories internet abuse can fall under, there are several types of abuse to recognize. Cybersexual internet, online friendship/relationship, and internet activity are types of different abuse. The browsing of adult websites during work hours is cybersexual internet abuse (CSIA). This type of abuse usually involves using online sexual services such as watching pornographic picture libraries, videos, and live strip shows (Griffiths). Another form of abuse is an online friendship/relationship. This type of abuse is characterized by using e-mail to contact friends, discussion groups, and using online networking sites. Using the internet for activities such as online shopping, online travel booking, computer gaming, online auctions, and others is known as internet activity abuse. This type of abuse is the most common during work hours and thus lowers the worker’s productivity the most (Griffiths).

Overall reading this article highlighted the abuse that occurs in the workplace every day. After reading this article I realized that my own productivity can be improved if I prevent myself from getting distracted. This article shows that employers care about what content is being browsed during work hours and that internet abuse has a big impact in productivity. This article is related to class in which we, as students, try to improve the interface and services offered over the internet. It is because of us that people go out their way to break rules and surf the web.


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