Into The World of JavaScript{Comments Off on Into The World of JavaScript}

by Cole O’C
This week I found a very helpful article on CNN Tech that helped introduce new JavaScript users to the programming language. The article described the very basic aspects of JavaScript, such as its dot syntax, properties, method calling, and so on. The author adds in some extra details for those that are unfamiliar with HTML, which is rather nice for your aspiring, but unfortunately unknowledgeable person. The example does not show the reader how to do anything more than the simple, typical, “Hello world” program that is taught first for virtually every programming language. Still, it introduces some good concepts, and could be a good foundation for someone seeking knowledge.

It has been so long since I wrote my first program that I can hardly remember when things such as dot notation syntax were foreign to me. The first programming language I learned was Pascal, which is an absolute abomination compared to modern languages like Java and the variations of C. That said, I can remember being rather overwhelmed on my first few test runs of my first “Hello world!” Then came loops, and my world was upside down. I think that for a lot of people, especially those that are not particularly familiar with technology, this article would be a comfortable step into the programming world.

I am not sure that I would recommend HTML and JavaScript to a beginning programmer, though. I think that knowing Java before using JavaScript would not be something very close to essential, although Java is a bit more difficult to use in some aspects, so I cannot really say. I find that after learning a few programming languages, the majority come fairly easily. I still find HTML rather awkward by comparison, though.

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