Introducing Visual Studio 2012{5}

Microsoft has just released the news of the newest version of ┬áVisual Studio 2012. It has gone with a metro style look and feel that I like about it. They have done more cosmetic transformations than useful transformations. Some of the useful ones include a team transformation server upgrade meaning that “The first is the ability to use SQL backups of existing Team Foundation Server instances to create (upgrade) a new Team Foundation instance during the initial setup” (Zander, 2012).

I am not so sure what I feel about these two articles that I read about. One was very short, the other while full of praises for Visual Studio made it seem that while the performance improvements were noteworthy it was advertising the more cosmetic upgrades rather that what happened to improve the program.

This is related to CIS in general because while you do not have to grab every new toy that comes out of the market. One has to know what comes out with which new features and try them when working in generally most jobs in the market to promote themselves.


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