IP Address Safety{Comments Off on IP Address Safety}

by Luis F
The article discusses about utilizing a filtering system to ensure personal information whilst using the internet via wired or wireless.  They used a scheme conceived by Robert Beck, but modified it to handle more users.  It’s an interesting process that is able to accept or reject users dynamically, and if it accepts the user it saves the connection.  They conclude that their experiments were successful, and that using this system ensures user security because the user info is grouped into group identification numbers instead of linking each individual’s IP address.

I feel that this method could be implemented with further testing and real world tests to verify if it can hold up to real time traffic.  The future development of this system will be able to lead to safer networks for everyone.  With all the threats of cybercrimes, this may help diminish the threats that people fear.

This should also aid companies that utilize the internet for business and provide safer transactions.  If they could conceive a model for an intranet they can further provide improved safety for businesses.  Hopefully this will lead to further advancements in web development to counter act those who misuse the internet.

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