Is Apple’s Approach better than Google’s?{2}

by Ricardo G

Back in October, 2010, Steve Jobs talked about why he thinks Apple’s “integrated” approach regarding smartphones is better than Google’s Android more “open” strategy. Jobs said, “we think the open versus closed argument is just a smokescreen to try to hide the real issue, which is what’s best for the customer: fragmented versus integrated. We think Android is very, very fragmented and getting more fragmented by the day.” Jobs also mentioned that there’s some disfunction between softwaredevelopment (Google’s Android) and hardware (Motorola, HTC, etc) because major manufacturers put their own user interfaces on their devices, and that different versions of the operating system with different capabilities are built into different devices, causing headaches for both consumers and developers. Jobs said that Android sometimes left users to be the “system integrators”. He added that Apple “is very committed to the integrated approach, no matter how many times Google tries to characterize it as open.” He was also convinced that Apple approach would always triumph over Google’s. In his own words: ” When selling to users who want their devices to just work, we believe integrated will triumph over fragmented every time”


Having used the first Motorola Droid for the past two years, I would have to agree with the words Steve Jobs said a year ago. I am, by no means, an Apple fanatic. And just to proof that this is un unbiased reaction, I have an HP Windows 7 PC, a Motorola Droid smartphone, and until about a few months ago I was listening to music with a Sansa mp3 player. It recently stopped working and I was forced to buy my first Apple product: an ipod touch. The reason why I agree with Jobs is because I do feel the difference between the iphone and other smartphones, even with the latest high-end Android-powered devices. I do feel that making the software and hardware in-house has a huge advantage
and it is something the user can “feel”. For instance, my droid has constantly crashed, turned off by itself, the touchsreen has turned unresponsive, and apps have crashed several times which is incredibly frustrating. In comparison, I, for the first time, have experienced the results of Apple’s integrated approach with my ipod touch. Moreover, iphone users report higher satisfaction rates as high as 95%. I doubt any Android device has that kind of users’ satisfaction. However, that can change over time now that Google has acquired Motorola Mobility Inc. I’m assuming Google plans to implement the integrated approach Apple has, and is doing, exceptionally well. Whether that is enough for Google to take over the smartphone market and “steal” customers from Apple by making smartphones that simply work? Well, only time will tell.

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