Is Cloud Computing Actually Something New?{1}

by Chris S
Cloud computing is talked about more and more these days, and about how businesses need to do start using it. But do people really know what cloud computing is? All that cloud computing is really is using offsite servers to manage one’s data, which can be accessed through a web browser. What people don’t realize, is they have been doing this for years. Almost all email can be accessed through a web browser, as well as many other applications, like google docs.

When I read this article it made me realize how “cloud computing” is a new label that people are sticking on old stuff. In reality, businesses have been doing many of their actions “in the cloud” since the internet was first invented. Nowadays it’s only a talk about moving all of the data to the cloud, rather than just a portion of it.

However, cloud computing is relating to more than data right now. Recently, a service named OnLive has brought video gaming to the cloud, running the video game on a remote server and sending the video to the computers. Also, some companies have their employees VNC (Virtual Network Computing) to log into their computers, where they are really just logging into a remote server that is managing all of the data. So while cloud computing isn’t a new thing, it is something that is becoming much larger.



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