It’s about time to take JavaScript (more) seriously{Comments Off on It’s about time to take JavaScript (more) seriously}

by Shahravi
In this blog, I would like to talk about JavaScript and why is is important. We all know that there is a difference between full-pledged programming language and scripting languages. Scripting languages have benefits such as flexible syntex, loosely typeed systems, powerful reflection mechanisms, and shorter build cycles. Every scripting languages have their own benefits. JavaScript has gained considerable importance in realizing client-side functionality on Web apps. JavaScript has become a crucial factor for both browser vendors and Web app developers. Some of the JavaScript benefits are that it can speed up the execution of the code when newer compiler and interpreter technologies are thrown at JavaScript. This is necessary because sophisticated Web apps designed to replace desktop apps require a significant amount of JavaScript code that also must execute at a reasonale speed. These days, most of the JavaScript code is generated by sophisticated tools. For example, the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) lets devepers write client-side code in Java amd it automatically translated to JavaScript for execution.

GWT’s JavaScript code tries to mitigate browser incompatibilities, which is a major headache for web developers. In addition to client-side, a wide range of applications also support JavaScript such as Adobe products, Open-Office, Scalable Vector Graphics and much more. JavaScript is an excellent solution to implement when validating input froms on the client side. This means that if a user forgets to enter his email-address in a form, a JavaScript validation function can popup a message to let the user know about the ommission. An application running in ASP or PHP can also achieve that same thing, but the JavaScript would not allow the form to be submitted unless it was completed propery in the first place.

I feel like JavaScript is very important part of the web development. We learned about JavaScript in class and I think it was fairly easy to learn since it was based off Java which we already learned. As we go into more detail and creating more complex web applications, we will be using more and more of JavaScript.


SOURCE: Kienle, H. M. (2010). It’s About Time to Take JavaScript (More) Seriously. IEEE Software27(3), 60-62.