“JavaScript – I choose you!”{Comments Off on “JavaScript – I choose you!”}

by Omar N.

Taken from http://iguansystems.com/

The article I read basically talks about the benefits of using scripting languages over programming languages for creating an application. In particular, the author feels that JavaScript is a powerful tool  that has not been utilized to its full potential. It is explained that JavaScript is perceived as more of a toy than a serious coding language amongst the industry, possibly due to it being easier to write a program in and the need to compile and interpret at runtime to function. Past times of when an immature compiler technique and a system’s hardware limitation prohibited the complexity of an application written in JavaScript has been overcome in recent years. The author feels that JavaScript now deserves more consideration as the language of choice when writing a program for use outside of the browser.

I don’t know very much about programming other than what I have learned from CIS 234 and 304, so I would not understand the true benefits of using a scripting language over a programming language. From what I gather, JavaScript makes sense for web applications because it works great for creating small programs that perform several functions, rather than having to use a full programming language to make something do a few tasks. For normal applications outside of a web browser, the only benefit I can see for using JavaScript is that it is easier to write.

I think it is good that scripting languages have an easier learning curve than programming languages because that means more people can do it. And also, it is true that hardware is no longer a major limiting factor when considering performance issues when writing a program. However, when choosing which language to write an application in, I think it boils down to personal preference. Sure some languages are better suited for certain tasks. But, if a programmer feels more comfortable writing in a particular language, he or she will probably get more efficiency and functionality out of it.

Kienle, H. M. (2010). It’s about time to take JavaScript (more) seriously. IEEE Software, 27(3), 60-60-62. doi:10.1109/MS.2010.76