Javascript in Web Development{3}

by Robert D
The journal I read covered the basics on modern Javascript. We know that the language is a scripting language (rather than a coding language) that was developed more than a decade ago. As developers make better and better websites, Javascript has been relegated to a second-class language. It’s typically regarded as a toy, and non-essential to web site development. At best, you use it to make some cute function no one really needs.

The author argues that Javascript is going to make a comeback. He cites its flexbility, short development time, and low difficulty curve of use as reasons. He argues that while there’s not many practical applications of Javascript while there’s so many other languages to choose from, that the language is getting better through development. Its light weight allows it to be used in web development while maintaining accessibility.

So the idea is that, so long as you have an accessible and flexible language, you can make anything you need with enough creativity and support from the language’s programmers. I think this is true, but it’s hard to argue when there’s other languages that do this sort of thing already. Maybe we’ll see a return to Javascript, eventually.

Kienle, HM. “It’s About Time to Take Javascript (More) Seriously” 2010.

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