JavaScript make it easy{Comments Off on JavaScript make it easy}

by David H
The article that I read this week is about how JavaScript contributes efficiently to web. When we want to create a sophisticated user intranet pages, we can choose some of software to use for it. We can choose Macromedia, Shockwave, or other approach like one of scripting language such as Python. However, in the article the author mentions that if we use Shockwave it will occupy the overhead and resource. I think that is not a good choice to use it. In addition, Shockwave requires approximate 100 K bytes for presentation. Therefore, it was very hard to create form and validate for input on the simple Web pages. When JavaScript came out, it improves the web a lot.  JavaScript is script language. It can interpret at run time, therefore it makes it easy to test and create the program.  In addition, JavaScript was very secure for the web too. For example, “we can’t perform any kind of operation with local files so program can’t modify or access to users.” This shows that JavaScript implicitly compromise security.

I think this article relates to class because we have been discussed about how to implement java code in HTML. As we can see, when we used JavaScript in HTML, it can be used for validation of form input or for performing simple client side actions such as posting the data from the form to a different page. In addition, JavaScript helps easy navigation of the website and helps designers to guide the visitors with additional information and guide them with walk through. After reading this article, I have learned that JavaScript play important role in Web. We can add more features to the web base on writing the code for it.



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