JavaScript on the Web

by Michael M
Baciacally this week I learned a little more about java script and how it actually works. There are many different parts to java script that I didn’t even know about. Like I did not know that java script is actually not written just like you would java. There is some variation. There are many different things that need to be taken into account when you use java script in your web pages because you cannot use java script so store anything it can just check and see if there is information in required fields if there is not it can shoot you an error message and you have to do what it wants before it uses your information and places it into some type of database. I also learned that java script is not all that secure people can do things to the code to get access to your information so its not really that great to use. I found that kind of interesting because there are times that we are on sites and believe they are safe but they may not be safe at all. Your information can be sent to their e-mail address in some instances and never placed into a database. That is what I think was kind of interesting about reading this article this week.

The reason this article connects to what we did in class this week was that on Monday we went over some of the javascript code for our project 2 so it kind of tied in. Javascript is not that easy as they make is seem on the web I have been trying to find more and more about javascript and have begun to find that it is not that secure. You can basically create a page and get peoples information but can be sending their information to your e-mail which is not secure at all I know if I was placing my information on the web that I want to make sure that all my information that I provide is confidential but not that not the case because the web is public and many things on the web can be seen by someone else on the internet.

When I use javascript on the web I never knew that you javascript was actually they part validating your information. I thought that something else was checking it such as the database because it sometimes takes a little while and then it comes back usually saying some type of error. Its actually something that is really useful because you don’t want to create a web page and then someone not fill out all the information and still gain access to your site without some true validation. Plus you wouldn’t want to have something be checked and be stored in your database and have 10 attempts of the same form if something was done incorrectly so javascript does come in handy for some things on the web jus t the only thing that concerns me is the security with using it.

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