JavaScript … toy?{Comments Off on JavaScript … toy?}

by Wei C

Some people around the world is treating JavaScript as toy language and not taking them seriously. However, the author has stated that it is a powerful programming language which combines the features from all others. JavaScript are wildly used on the web2.0 applications. In addition, author also stated that the JavaScript is already on the top ten of the programming languages. The features and the benefits of each different language are often being discussed. In the web environment, most of the applications rely on the JavaScript to perform well. Base on the thoughts from the author, JavaScript has the problem in performance when it first came out just like all other programming languages in the history. In the conclusion, JavaScript is still struggling in the performance since it wasn’t out for a long time yet. However, it will be improving into the top programming language instead of being treated as toy language. As authors mentioned on the topic, it is time to get seriously on the JavaScript.


This article is related to our topic, which is the JavaScript. This article basically talks about how JavaScript becomes powerful and necessary for the web development from being a toy language at beginning. I agree with author that most of the programming language will face the problem on performance when they first came out. However, people will always try to improve the language until it works as people expected.

People used to underestimated the power of the JavaScript because their performance. In this case, people are debating on which languages is better at the web development. Finally, base on this article, we can tell that the JavaScript has made into a necessary language in the web development. This is also the reason that we are learning the JavaScript as our required classes.


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