Javascripts Potential Successor{Comments Off on Javascripts Potential Successor}

by Robert L
We have to look at the motive , however. [Google] ultimately wants Dart to replace JavaScript as the open web browser programming language. In a leaked memo , Google outlines the (apparently) unfixable problems with JavaScript, how Dart fixes them, and its plans for taking of the web. This is why the syntax and structure are familiar – to get as many developers on board as possible – and if the cross compiler is good enough, Google won’t even need Microsoft or Mozilla’s cooperation.
I found this Article an interesting step in the continual development in Web Design. Google’s introduction of a new programming language, Dart is their dead set attempt toward overcoming and succeeding over Javacript as the dominant application based code. Dart offers an approachable syntax with the ability for total Server-Client Encapsulation and its tools allow for comparably easier scalability than Javascript, Along with a Javascript converter. The journal also provides an understanding of the mindset of Google’s Development Team, their aggressive stance on the adoption of their Proprietary code shows how tenacious they are to supersede Javascript as a dominant language

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