Job growth in Cloud Computing

by Robert L
“In a release, the Company noted the study’s authors said cloud computing is already generating a sizable number of jobs in the U.S. Based on numerous trends and indicators, it has the future potential to create business opportunities and hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the U.S.”

From this, we understand the growing trend that Cloud Computing is on web application and mobile computing market, as it is important for us to address the emergence of what could be  the prominent force web development in the foreseeable future.

This article further shows of what prospects early adopter have in the growing industry. The Cloud Computing companies are already receiving significant returns of revenue on the market with the power to reinvest to gain a much larger market Share. Coupled with new leniency  in government policy and and the increase  of data flow, the power and capability that will likely become the dominant platform for web development as an industry.


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3 thoughts on “Job growth in Cloud Computing”

  1. Cloud Computing has proved it has been a popular and innovative way to store information through a third party. But the fact that it has provided jobs for the US and ultimately help the US unemployment is a great sign that the world is moving into a more technology based environment.

    1. Given the current recession and economy we are in, any potential in the American work force is good news. Cloud computing is still a fairly new market and will come to further grow and develop.

  2. Having access to your own information whenever you want can save so much time and money. In this economy, saving money is a very big plus in business eye.

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