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by Daniel S
Backbone.js is an architectural framework that helps the user write well-structured web applications, but it is not a styling guide so it does not help the user with how their website or their application will look. It is a library that makes processing of creating complex, interactive and data driven apps much easier to maintain. It provides a clean way to separate a users data from their presentation. Backbone.js does not replace jQuery, but it is actually a complimentary in their scopes with almost no overlap in functionality, backbone also handles all the higher level abstractions, while similar libraries normalize other kinds of events. It is recommended that users use backbone because often, the front end of the code devolves into a streaming, dirty pile of nested callbacks. Overall, the article stated that storing data while in the DOM state is a bad idea, fat models and skinny controllers are the way to go, and templating is an absolute necessity. There is enough evidence to clearly say that Backbone has caused a paradigm shift in how front end of codes should be constructed.

Before getting lectured on jQuery, I had no idea what it was and what it did. We learned that it is the most popular JavaScript library that is used today. It is fast and concise and it simplifies HTML documents, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for faster web development. I liked how the article made it easy to understand what backbone was and what it did. As the article stated “Backbone is a super-light weight library that lets a user create easy to maintain front ends, and its backend works well with any of the modern JavaScript libraries a user is already using. We did not go over any materials relating to backbone during class lectures, but I think it is a good thing to know because of how efficient and effective a user can get if they are wanting to write an application code.


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