JQuery Dominance in Websites{4}

JavaScript is a scripting language that allows Web authors to create dynamic pages that respond to user interaction. jQuery, built on top of JavaScript, can be used to create slide shows, drop-down menus, pop-ups and expandable/collapsible elements. jQuery has been the leading JavaScript library, by far, for a quite a while.

This article provides an impressive showcase of the prominent grasp of jQuery on the major venders of the internet. Of 17,000 high-traffic website 48% utilize jQuery in development, outclassing Flash’s presence of 47% utilization. This can be attributed to the ease of usability in programming and responsiveness designed in jQuery’s syntax, coupled with it’s HTML5-compliance already designed within jQuery code, gives it an edge against Flash. The report furthermore provides evidence of the growth and sustainability to open-source multimedia programning over proprietary-owned Dev-tools. jQuery’s web presence will be one that is not easily overcome.

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