jQuery… Huh?{Comments Off on jQuery… Huh?}

by Evin C
What truly is jQuery? We hear this term being thrown around in our discussions quite a bit, but do we truly understand it? The article I have chosen this week will expalin just that; “It’s a powerful set of JavaScript libraries for selecting elements and then operating on them using a CSS-like syntax. Basically, it allows you to use JavaScript at a macro level so that you don’t have to do all the microcoding. This makes it significantly easier to use.” Now that being said, to have a foundation for jQuery, you do need to be quite comfortable in using HTML and CSS to properly take advantage of the uses jQuery has.

Reasons to use jQuery?

– Use with relative ease.
– Open source, it’s free!
– Excellent documentation (unlike other java libraries)
– Cross-Browser Support
– Extremely customizable and user-friendly
– Lightweight
– Gain the “Web 2.0” look without teaching yourself

The article continues to reach into more in-depth uses of jQuery and I feel it would be worth a read for those of you confused on the topic. Relating this to class is, simply put, easy. We are working with jQuery now and making us of it in our next project. I hope to find more articles involving jQuery so that I may gain the skills to push it to its limits!


Miller-Francisco, E. (2010). Creating Dynamic Websites Using jQuery. Computers In Libraries, 30(6), 26-28.