JQuery overtakes Flash{5}

The article that I read this week is about JQuery over take Adobe Flash on websites. JQuery is the most popular in JavaScript library. The author mentions that the percentage
using JQuery is higher than Flash which is 48 percent of the website is using JQuery. There are 47 percentage that website is using Adobe Flash. Even though, there is 1 percent that most website using JQuery than Adobe Flash, but most website developer choose to use JQuery more than Adobe Flash. “This ease of use is a major reason for jQuery’s rapid adoption, in addition to the fact that it is open source instead of a proprietary product, like Flash.” This shows that JQuery increases the productivity of the developer by enabling them to achieve critical User Interface functionality by writing very less amount of code. It is simple to use than Adobe Flash. JQuery can implement some functions that Adobe Flash can’t do it. Adobe Flash is more about 3D animation.

I think this article relates to class because in class we saw some of demonstration about JQuery. We can see how fancy of website if we implement JQuery to the site. In my opinion, I think JQuery is easy to use and it has more advantage than Flash. From the article I have learned that JQuery helps to improve the performance of the application. It also helps to develop most browser compatible web page and fast. In addition, it helps to implement User Interface relate critical functionality without writing hundreds of lines of codes.


jQuery overtakes flash on worlds top websites. (2011, Aug 24). Business Wire, pp. n/a.