JQuery Rewrite For Mobile Platform{1}

by Toan T
This article pretty much talks about how a company known as appMobi that create development tool and services for HTML5 is rewriting JQuery for mobile platform. The company has already written their own JQuery app for desktop environment which was made to be HTML5 optimized. Recently, they wanted to rewrite their JQuery framework to make more even more optimized for mobile platform. The framework is known as jQ.Mobi, it is over twice as fast as desktop JQuery but is much smaller in size. JQuery has already been used on over 50 percent of all desktop websites. So by doing this, they will be able to being high quality user experience that is identical to desktop environment to both iOS and Android platforms.

I find this article to be interesting because more companies are finally starting to understand the capabilities of JQuery and the overall current effect it has on the web. It is not a surprise since JQuery is being used  pretty much everywhere on the web. So by transitioning over to mobile platforms, developers will no longer be limited to deciding between the platforms they want to work on and it also help increase the popularity of HTML5 in general.

Grannell, C. (2012, January 16). AppMobi rewrites jQuery for mobile. .net magazine. Retrieved May 7, 2012, from http://www.netmagazine.com/news/appmobi-rewrites-jquery-mobile-121699