Just Another Hack{7}

by Monica G
It is very common to see or hear about hackers finding new ‘vulnerabilities’ within huge corporations, therefore it is safe to say that this is just another one. Some exploit code was discovered that affected Microsoft’s ASP.NET web development platform, it was called CVE-2011-3414. This type of code apparently allows for all CPU resources to be taken from a single server, which causes for performance to be compromised to the point of denial of service. A hacker by the name of HybrisDisaster published the code online, signing “We are Legion. Expect Us.” The signature caused more public attention because those words belong to a anonymous hacktivist group. They usually use this type of attack to support their activities, which they claim is legitimate.

This article talks about ASP.NET, in regards to attacks. This type of attack occurs on the server side, which makes the attacks that much more powerful. It is not to assume that attacks at any level are not severe and should not be taken seriously, any type of action like this should be taken seriously.

As was stated before, we hear about attacks every single day, it has become a part of life, which is why it is essential that we stay updated with our technology. If everyone does their part, including huge companies like Microsoft, there would not be such a problem. People need to learn to keep their plug-ins updated.

Citation: Constantin, L. (2012, January 10). Attack Code Published for Serious ASP.NET DoS Vulnerability. Retrieved February 19, 2012, from PCWorld: http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/247731/attack_code_published_for_serious_aspnet_dos_vulnerability.html