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by Rafael F
Seeing as how we have all spent large amounts of time working on our website prototypes for our projects I wanted to find an article to help us all remember to ensure that our machines are safe and ready for any disaster that might come our way. This article is gives several examples of how to manage our pc without much effort. The first recommendation is to “ditch” Windows XP. We are mostly all CIS majors and as such we such always strive to keep up with the latest versions of operating systems. Additionally XP does not offer some security features that Windows 7 does.  Backing up is another function that is seldom taken seriously. We should always keep redundancy in mind when working on our machines. Lastly keeping up with updates is crucial to maintain a healthy environment. We should always look into maintaining updated browser and OS files on our system.

Image taken from same article

These tips come into play very much in the work force. We as IT or CIS majors will be entrusted to help maintain a healthy and productive work environment. We should be proactive and search for vulnerabilities that we see and assist in educating the masses about computer safety. A good example of safety is how Google always blocks images that it thinks are potentially dangerous. It is always better to be safe than sorry.  As mentioned in another blog posting, JavaScripts are very dangerous in how they can obtain information from our browser history without us even knowing. In some cases it can even damage our machines. Remember these tips and I recommend this article for further information regarding computer safety.

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