Kindle Fire and iPad 2? – the incomparable

by Ricardo G
The article describes the characteristics of the new competitor in the tablets’ world, the Amazon Kindle fire, against the market leader by a huge market share, the Apple iPad 2. First of all, regarding price, the Kindle Fire will be priced at $199, compared to the $500 of the lowest-priced iPad 2. When it comes to screen size, the iPad is superior by 2.7 inches. Now, regarding features, the Kindle Fire, compared to the iPad 2, doesn’t have a camera, microphone, or capability to connect to a 3G network (it only has Wi-Fi capability). The Kindle fire offers 8 hours of battery life and 8GB of storage versus 10 hours for the iPad and 16GB for the iPad bottom end; however, Kindle Fires offers free cloud storage. In regards to Apps, the Kindle will have access to thousands of apps in Amazon’s app store for Android, whereas the iPad has access to the well-known Apple store with access to 425,000 apps.

In my opinion, those two products shouldn’t be directly compared since they meet different purposes. This kind of comparison will make the Kindle Fire appear inferior. On one hand, the iPad is ideal for web browsing, access to a 3G network on the go, take pictures and videos wherever the user happen to be, have videoconferences, etc, while the Kindle Fire seems to be ideal mainly for e-book reading, although it supports web browsing and music playing. Also, to say that the price difference (at least $300) may be a threat to the iPad is also misleading. Although they seem to be in the same category, those two products target different types of consumers as explained above. I think each tablet has its followers; however, I don’t see people getting rid of their iPad to buy a Kindle fire. Furthermore, I don’t think consumers will prefer to buy a Kindle Fire instead of an iPad. Simply put, they’re just not competing against each other

Doug Gross. (2011, September 30). Kindle fire vs ipad: which is right for you?.

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    This post is similar topic with the blog which I replied in earlier. Actually, I am the apple fan. I love the the apple’s design and it’s OS system is cool. There has tons of app in the itune server. I jailbroken the ipad 2, so I can get free download for all of apps. That’s awesome.

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