LAMP = Great development platform{Comments Off on LAMP = Great development platform}

by Alejandro C
Web development can be based on the system called LAMP, which is short or an abbreviation for Linux, Apache, MySQL, & PHP. This system is said to make up around two-thirds of the Internets servers offering web-based applications and services. Utilizing this system offers developers and administrators a cost effective and innovative way of offering services. LAMP developing is an always evolving system which gives its users and customers a versatile and always constantly updating system of creating content and the like. Linux is used as its foundation platform. Apache takes care of the web, is easy to configure, and use. MySQL takes care of the database within then underlying system. Finally, PHP seems to tie it all together by being able to present it all on the screen. Using these components offers a well rounded, versatile, and effective way to make web servers.

Reading through the article it reminded me of reading about how our WordPress blog is developed. To me it is a very interesting how such systems can be used to develop rich content and services throughout the web. It would also seem that most of the programs and software packages come at a very low price which should interest most developers and creators of sites to utilize this to their advantage especially when working for a business or enterprise. Using these four technologies you expose yourself to a different environment which is always changing, it dynamic with constant updates, features, and community support.

Being that is uses four differing technologies to create one platform you can have different skilled workers be placed effectively throughout a development project. One that is good at web development (PHP), Installing web services and operating systems (Apache & Linux) and a person who can integrate a database into the use of it (MySQL). This to me would make an effective way to run projects and have people with different skill sets feel comfortable enough to integrate everything together. More and more I think is see this system being used, where I currently work I believe most of the systems administrators use it to host certain items and software for the IT staff to utilize.

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