Learning Multiple Server-Side Computer Languages{Comments Off on Learning Multiple Server-Side Computer Languages}

by Tuyen H

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In the article “Design and Delivery of Multiple Server-Side Computer Languages Course” the authors write about why information system (IS) students need to learn multiple server-side computer languages such as Java, .NET, or PHP. According the authors, every computer language has its own advantages and weaknesses. Java’s execution performance may be more efficient than ASP.NET; however, ASP.NET is more popular because of the popularity of Windows platform. On the other hand, PHP is open source, fast and easy to develop. PHP is also widely used in many small scale service-oriented applications. Moreover, XML is one of many important languages which IS students should learn. XML is widely use in web applications, and it is easy to learn. Finally, the authors conclude “One of the most important aspects of effective IS education is to help IS students to develop problem solving skills to meet the challenges of the fast changing IS field.”

This article is closely relates to our class topic because it talks about how the real world web applications apply the server side languages. I am really interested in this article because it gives me an overall picture of real world web applications. After reading this article, I think that Cal Poly should offer a serial of IS courses to students, so they have opportunities to learn all those languages.

In this article, the authors recommend an Information System model curriculum includes Java, ASP.NET, PHP, and XML courses. I agree with this idea, and I wish that our department will offer a similar curriculum so future IS students have opportunities to learn all these computer languages. In the meantime, students need to prepare themselves multiple server-side languages in order to be successful in the real working environment when they graduate from college. 

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