“Life Made Simple”{2}

by Jonathan F

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There is a reason that Apple has become a company that has had a loyal customer base. The reason is that they have made life simple for the users of their products. Apple makes their products with user experience in mind and user interface made simple. Apple uses certain techniques in their UX design that may be used to make many products. The first is that they invest allot in prototyping and iteration. Long before an idea becomes part of a product it has gone through countless amount of iterations. The product has been rebuilt a numerous amount of times and if it does not meet the Apple standards it is discarded. The second is that their user interfaces are practical to use. You no longer have to use a mouse and click, all you do is touch what you want and it will happen. The user doesn’t have to learn how to do something with the Apple products because it’s so obvious how to do things. The third is that Apple has created apps in their products that help the user focus on discrete task, these apps are created in such a way that they take advantage the energetic color displays in their products. The fourth is that they create a visual transition between the apps that provide orientation for the user. The apps that are being used are in the foreground and when not in use they are placed in the background. The fifth is that Apple always anticipates what the user will want to do next. They always try to find new and innovative ways to make life simpler for users of their product; an example of this is being able to download music straight from the phone.

This article relates to the topic UX design. It deal with the user experience of the product and the user interface of the product. Apple has been a company that has changed the way that many people do things in their lives. I believe that this is due to the fact that their products are easy to use and make life easier for the user.

All the techniques that Apple uses can be applied to other products and to other task such as web development. In my opinion a website must be easy to use, have great user interface, be attractive, and must be continuously enhanced to try to make my experience in the website better.

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