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by Ricardo G

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Mr. Hoffman made his fortune and fame as the co-founder of LinkedIn, the social network targeting professionals that went public five months
ago. People come see him for his advice about technology and how to make a start-up web-based company successful. Many young entrepreneurs don’t even do a move without Mr. Hoffman’s advise. He grew up as a normal average California kid obsessed with video games. His obsession was basically with multiplayer game mechanisms, and the way that social systems come together. When Netscape went public in 1995, in a defining event for the Web, Mr. Hoffman had a hunch that the social media were going to be huge, along with gaming companies that had social media embedded in their DNA. The article mentions that Reid Hoffman senses that a new Web is stirring. In the same way that social media redefined the Internet, he sees another tectonic shift on the horizon: this one, he believes, will be driven by data. Hoffman is looking ahead to Web 3.0

It is amazing how Reid Hoffman had a feeling that social media were going to be huge once Netscape went public in 1995, when web pages were still static,  and there was almost no interaction between the website and the user! This story also shows that in order to be successful, more often than not, one has to fail first. Hoffman started his first  social network, SocialNet, and failed at that. On the other hand, it’s hard to believe how big and popular LinkedIn has become since its foundation in 2002. In fact, there’s even a mandatory class in the CIS program that shows the importance of having a LinkedIn account and the power of social networking, especially for recent college graduates. Many people, such as Hoffman himself, are investing in web-oriented companies that are starting up, which means that in their opinion, the Web as we know is far from staying the way it is right now. When everything’s said and done, the Next Hot Thing makes its appearance.


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