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by Jonathan F


The article that I chose is giving advice to local community banks of how they could increase their customer traffic on their website. The author of the article says that it’s very difficult for small community banks or even small companies to become number one on the list of search engine sites because there is a lot of competition from major banks. But there is no reason that for small companies not to increase their visitor traffic, all they have to do is take some steps to getting them noticed. There are three major reasons that people go on the Web. They search for information, surf, and socialize.  Small businesses could take advantage of the time that people spend on the Web as an advertising opportunity. Businesses usually pay search engine sights to put advertisement banner on their site and the search engine site is paid based on the number of clicks that the advertisement receives. But with more intelligent metrics and online tracking capabilities the search engine could track if the customers that clicked on the advertisements were within the area of the business’s,  which is a major advantage for local businesses, because they only pay for clicks that were within the local area. Now search engines are beginning to displaying advertisements of local businesses based on the location of the Web user. The other way that small businesses can get noticed is that they could increase their search engine optimization by improving some of the factors that search engines look at, like the frequency of updated content, that the site is technically up-to-date, and that other sites link to it. Small businesses Web sites must be designed correctly and easy to navigate so that it attracts humans and as well as these search engines. The article recommends that small businesses try to advertise on Web sites that people usually surf like news sites, sports sites, and video sites.  Businesses could even contact marketing agencies that work with big websites, so that these sites could look at the cookies of users of the site and see if the user has ever visited the small businesses site so that an advertisement banners could come out for these specific businesses. The author recommends that small businesses promote themselves on social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn as well as in YouTube by posting videos about their company. Down the road small businesses have to use services that mobile devices provide such as Foursquare and Facebook places, because it has been said that mobile devices will be the number one device used for Web browsing by 2013.

The article was interesting because it showed how difficult it is for small businesses to gain potential customers on the internet because the major companies have more resources to be noticed more on search engines.  Small businesses Web sites have to take several steps to get noticed once and get a second look.

It is interesting how advanced the search engines are getting that there are some that only display content that is location related. This is very helpful because it improve business for local companies in the user’s area. It is especially more common for location related content on mobile devices.

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