Mac Excel 2011 Supports Visual Basic{2}

Microsoft Office will support Visual Basic for Application macros for Mac’s Excel 2011. If you’re unaware the benefits of using Visual Basic for Applications macros, you can design interactive worksheet in Mac’s Excel 2011. Mac users would be happy to hear the news, since Visual Basic for Applications was discontinued for the release of Excel 2008.

I chose this article as it related to our class. We learned about using Visual Basic during our project 3 assignment. Since there hasn’t been too much blogs about Macs, I thought it would be appropriate that I talked about Mac support, especially since Visual Basic is created by Microsoft. After during a little bit of research on this topic, I found helpful site that not only provide examples of Excel 2011 VBA, but also provided the code that goes along with it. You can find the website here:


Grover, C. (2011, March 29). Build an Interactive Worksheet in Excel 2011. PCWorld Business Center. Retrieved June 3, 2012, from