Malware in JavaScript?{3}

In this age of mobile connectivity, hacker and exploiter is always looking for new technique in hide their malicious programs. ESET senior researcher have found a new malware exploit using JavaScript. These malware are hidden within the JavaScript OnMouseMove Event code. When  guest visit the compromised site and used their mouse, the malware will instantly active. The malware  avoid detection from security web crawler by reminding deactivate whenever there no mouse movement. Another technique that hacker use it by place snippet of code within a applet, which will later decode the applet and install the malicious software into your computer.

It feel this is important to share to the class as we are learn more about JavaScript. For every use of new technology there always going to be a misuses of it. While JavaScript might potentially help us create a better and more efficient website, there lurker the danger of it been hijack.

I find these article interesting as it seem like every other weeks there some new techniques in hiding malware and virus on the web. Learning about all the function is essential but know how to protect its is equal as important. If certain protocols isn’t keeps, your site might lead to potentials legal problem in the future.

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